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Underground artist “SplytSecond”, released his first single for his album “S.P.L.Y.T.”
This track has so much creativity, so much lyricism. When I pressed play & heard the first few seconds, I loved the track. The hook, the way the song was record, the flow was so different from anything I have ever heard of from a fast/chopper type rapper. The beat and the rapper just had like passionate sex together, the sync of both of them made this a power track and a track that should go viral in the underground world. “SplytSecond" may not have that many fans or views on the internet, but i feel like a record label could really take this one track and make him a one and a kind HipHop legend. 

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[NerdyMoneyTV] I came across this wonderful track a few hours ago. From the moment I press play, I loved the song. The voice had a nice touch of beauty in it. Then in the middle “Sage Bloke” come with a nice short verse, that gave the track a nice sting of diversity. What I liked about this track was the singer doesn’t sound like the million of other singers out there, there some diversity, she has her own style and makes that known. And if she works a bit more at balancing her voice, she has the talent to become a bigger and better singer.  But check it out for your self. 
Download the Track:

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[NerdyMoneyTV] Rapper KidAfro” remixes “Asap Rocky’s” track  ”Peso” and brings fast rapper “SplytSecond” as a feature. I feel like both of these artist made the song much better them. The way “KidAfro” enters this track, makes you uncertain about how you feel about the track, then he turns the song into a nice well versed written song. “SplytSecound” starts his verse with classic hiphop word play, then starts rapping fast, hope you can understand what hes saying. This is HipHop coming back!!!

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[NerdyMoneyTV] New rap artist “Ris Harb” comes out with a every good start with his latest freestyle ”Who Shot Ya” its has a classic flow with a little mainstream bits. If he keeps working and keeps at making good non-shitty music, he may go some where. Check out.

Check out all his other track:

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[NerdyMoneyTV] To all independent artist on the Middle East!!!!!!!

Send us your music, your music videos, your mixtapes, all as links in the submit tab. So we can show the world your talent. All music welcome. Thanks.

[NerdyMoneyTV] FatKidsBrotha Feat. Snubnose Frankenstein - “N.W.A” [Video] Directed By: MCMXCIII

FatKidsBrotha & Snubnose Frankenstein just released a new music video to there new track N.W.A. Visuals are impressive. Snubnose Frankenstein kills the track with his executioner type word play. check it out below:

FatKidsBrotha Music:

Snubnose Frankenstein: //

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"Ultimatum" MixTape By Group DSK is HOT FIRE [NerdyMoneyTV]

The new mix-tape from DSK group has been going all round the world, and has been getting good remarks. Lets Get in to the group before we go more detail about the music.
DSK is a group of artists that live in Saudi Arabia, an came together to make great music. The artists include "KidAfro", "Wesam", "Faz""Wulf", and "Young Nerdy".
KidAfro is an 15 year old American, has some really good word play. Wesam is 15 year old saudi, that is signed to to “Luxury Events”. Faz is 15 from saudi as well, adds the extra punch to the group. Wulf is the founder of DSK. Young Nerdy, 18 year old from American, and is a great film/music video Director.
They each do a little of there own thing, but when they come together they make hits. For Exmaple, This mix-tape was hot. Lets get into the tracks we liked.

One of the track by "KidAfro" Called “Amsterdam" was one of his best singles of the mixtape cause he was one beat and stayed that way. The world play was intense and made you think. Check it out below.

"Faz" Single of the mix-tape was "Way Too Cold" Which was a hyped track, that as soon as you heard it, you start bumping your head, he went in with rhymes, with word play and  punch lines. Check it our below.

Wesam" Single Of the mix-tape was "DreamChaser" which was a uplifting track about a boy going after his dreams and the things that come with the music. Check it out below.

(Young Nerdy Was Not On The Mix-tape X Wulf Only had one track on the Mixtape)

The Next Track on the list of tremendous music was "Power Circle" which was supreme track. Had great lyricism, great word play, and overall was a great track that had you making sure you got it all word for word. Check it out below.

Now To the track that the [NerdyMoneyTV staff loved was "In a War". We loved this track because of the great hook, the beautiful word play, the understanding rhymes, the warm feeling that you got from listening to it. It was one of those tracks that you could listen to it forever and it will still be a hit for years to come.
Check it out below.

So with our feedback, we rated the mix-tape a 7.5 and this is a mix-tape you should go download before people tell you they heard these artist before you did.

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Handle with Care : The Move EP by QAA$!M [NerdyMoneyTV]

Long & waited EP From Qaa$!M. Some call him if you don’t know the “Hippie Tupac”. He produced the most of the beats himself, which is a big deal, a lot of rappers these days cant do that. When you listen to the EP you can hear the passion in his music. So give him a chance, The EP is not free. Its 2 bucks. Support interdependent artist movement and check it out.

Check him out

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NerdyMoneyTV meet up with KidAfro For a little interview about the music he remixing, what his plans are with DSK, 
KidAfro on twitter:!/AmmarPlantJr
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Download “Lord Knows”

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This is a new track from the Desert Street Kingdom (DSK) featuring Young Nerdy. This track has the biggest bars I have ever heard in a remix to a well-known song. The artists featured are Kid Afro, who has the first verse and opens the song strongly, and SplytSecond, who has the second verse. Be careful - he’s fast! Closing the song is Young Nerdy, adding some silent emotion.
Please give the song a listen! It has three different styles, but each deliver strong messages. Feel free to download the song here:

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WOW Kennedy Sousa ft Young Nerdy just released a remix to Drake song ” The Ride” which was a well done collaboration. 

Kennedy Sousa gave a nice 16 bars that lights you up with a great start. Young Nerdy comes with some impacting lyrics that are so true yet so deep. He says it some simple yet so lovely.

Go listen Right now!!!!!

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Download Track here:

Cruise Control” Mixtape by Traphik Out Now” [NerdyMoneyTV]

This is What Traphik Had To Say about his mixtape: ( Be Sure To Read What we say to)

-“Woop woop! Here it is guys! This is NOT an April Fool’s joke, so don’t worry I’m not gonna Rick Roll you or give you some type of virus or anything lol.

It’s been a LONG time since I released a bunch of original music. It’s been well over a year since I put out the MixedApe mixtape, which you can download HERE if you haven’t yet. I really just wanted to remind the world that I still make music!

If you’ve followed my music for a while, you might have heard about the first official album I put on itunes which is the Rush Hour album I did with Young Duece and 6S back in like 2009! I called that album Rush Hour because we did the whole thing in about a week and a half and it was all kinda hectic, and my name is Traphik. Rush Hour.. traffic… get it?

Now I’m older, a little more experienced, and my life is in a really nice place. I just bought a condo, I’m in love with a beautiful girl, and everything that I’ve been working hard for is really paying off, which is why this mixtape is called Cruise Control. I wanted to make release some feel good, chill music that you could just sit back and relax to, cuz i’m chillin! And best of all, it’s FREE! So I hope you guys dig it! If not, FUCK YOU! lol

and OH! I know a lotta y’all wanna hear me go hard, and you love me on that Rack City “fuck bitches, get money” type shit… don’t trip. I def plan on GOIN HARD on the next one!” (Info From

We found the mix tape amazing, It was most def indie. The music was really chill like he said, This can be considered weed music, cause it was the chill beats, the chill the vibes. The way the Music starts is great, it puts you in easy. 

  • What Do I Have To Do feat. Dumbfoundead

This track is one of our favorite tracks cause f the way it starts off and goes in with great fresh voices.

Be sure to download it here FREEEE


The track Charlie Sheen was a nice track, it brought out a obnoxious that you could enjoy. Listen to it Below:

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Anthony Benton” Videos that make you laugh and inform you? [NerdyMoneyTV]

He may not be music. But he’s is indie and underground.  Anthony Benton has been making rants videos, that make you laugh and convey a message. So you can enjoy your self and get inform at the same time. He went from making a few FaceBook videos to making his friends laugh. His youtube videos are getting over two hundred views in a day. You may think that’s not a lot. But when was the last time you could laugh and be informed. Hmmm, you are thinking about that one. We contacted Anthony and asked him for a little interview so his viewers and his future audience could get to know him a little better. Check it out. 

[NMTV] What made you start making rant videos?

I’ve always been very opinionated, about everything, so it was just natural that I started to voice my opinions and share them with the world

[NMTV] First you were doing videos on face book, how was that VS upload the videos to youtube?

At first, I just made facebook videos to make my friends laugh, but after a while, I wanted to expand my audience

[NMTV] Do you intend to be funny in your videos?

I do. I want people to see that even rants about things wrong with society can be humorous

[NMTV] Why do you think your getting a small buzz/views on youtube?

Because I a young, black, well spoken male who isn’t rapping or talking about what his favorite rapper is doing 

[NMTV] Is your goal to uplift people?

Not necessarily uplift, but inform and entertain

[NMTV] What are yours goals for your youtube videos?

Maybe to get famous

[NMTV] Where do you see your self in 10 years?

If not in the entertainment industry then definitely in Politics

[NMTV] What makes you different from other people that make similar videos?

Im young, black, male and not a criminal

[NMTV] Where do you see your generation in the next 20 years?

Ehh, we aren’t fairing too well. We have a lot of self image and priority issues to work out

[NMTV] 5 strange facts about you?

1. I hate Hot Cheetos

2. I slept with a night light until age 9

3. I sleep with beanies on

4. I enjoy old western movies

5. I love Nilla wafers

[NMTV] What type of videos can we expect in the future?

Much more socially conscious videos

[NMTV] To you, what makes a good youtube video?

Anything that can strike a nerve in people

[NMTV] Thanks For your time. Any shouts out?

Just my parents, you know….for making me.

So check out some of the videos that we thought were the funniest and most informative and also go subscribe to him and learn something.

Ignorance Is Contagious

Amber Cole: Heads Up

Be Sexually Responsible America…

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Young Nerdy just Released A Skit (Audio) [NerdyMoneyTV]

ChecK it Out. Young Nerdy’s Funny Yet retro skit